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ServiceMon is a standalone, extensible, real-time, service monitoring tool for Windows, written from the ground up in .NET to be fully extensible.

ServiceMon as an information Radiator/Big Visible Chart


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A simple script controls the services and web pages to monitor. To test the availability of Google’s home page, by fetching a URL and looking for a phrase, use this line:

http-get "" must-contain "Google"

This will send a ping request to and check a reply is received within 5 seconds:

ping "" must-be-less-than "5s"

Scripts can be nested to divide the screen into independent monitoring panels:

Splitting the screen into independent monitoring panels

  #name "Panel 1"
  http-get "" must-contain "I'm Feeling Lucky"
    #name "Panel 2"
    windows-service-status "Spooler", "localhost" must-equal "Running"
    #name "Panel 3"
    ping "" must-equal "Success"

Monitoring can be customised using directives. The colour used to indicate status, polling frequency, execution ordering and automated emails can all be customised.

Please visit the ServiceMon home page for more information.

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