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Released: Sep 26, 2012
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Release Notes

ServiceMon Release 1.0 - What's New

Email on Status Change

Scripts can be configured to automatically send an email when the monitor's state changes. The email contains a description of the change, a snapshot of the combined statistics, details of the first and last errors, and recent response details. Multiple recipients can be specified.
To activate, set the SmtpServer and EmailSenderAddress in the ServiceMon.exe.config and add this directive to your script:

#email-on-threshold-change ";"

Scheduled Summary Email

Scripts can be configured to send a summary of ServiceMon activity at specified times. Performance and availability statistics are included for the period since the previous summary, and since monitoring began. Multiple recipients can be specified.
To activate, set the SmtpServer and EmailSenderAddress in the ServiceMon.exe.config and add this directive to your script:

#email-summary ";", "07:30; 09:00; 12:00"

Improved Screen Layout

Improved screen resize behaviour to automatically show, hide, and rearrange screen elements according to the space available. Right-mouse menu options have been added to the "10 foot summary" view to allow quick accsss to common functions when the monitoring screen has been reduced to its minimum size.

Extended Duration Parsing Support

Durations can now be specified in different formats such as: “2 days”, “1 hr”, “5mins”, “2 ms”, “12 seconds” Their use is supported wherever a duration is required, including:
  • Within the #poll-frequency directive
  • Within the must-equal and must-be-less-than response handlers (E.g. must-be-less-than “3 secs”)
  • For specifying ping and trace-route timeout values

More Changes

  • Removed the poll frequency’s upper limit of 36 seconds. The input control, in the top-left, will now accept durations in any of the standard units. E.g. “2 days”, “1 hr”, “5mins”.
  • Named scripts can now be launched by specifying an argument on the command line. This makes it easier to launch multiple instances when creating a status wall.
  • New “Help” tab contains descriptions of available Request Types and Response Handlers. These were previously in the “About” box.
  • The Responses and Errors tabs have been consolidated into one tab.
  • Version check is performed on startup. A link is placed on the main screen when a newer, stable version is available.
  • Added keyboard shortcuts to the script editor. Pressing Ctrl-A will select all text, Pressing Ctrl-S will save the current script
  • When selecting, or adding a new script, the focus is now placed in the script editor to allow immediate typing without using the mouse.
  • When closing an unsaved script, ServiceMon now asks if the script should be saved.
  • Added the current process id to the Help tab to assist in finding the correct log files for the current ServiceMon instance.
  • The first operation is now invoked immediately after starting the monitor, rather than after the first interval. This provides immediate reassurance that monitoring is functioning which is especially beneficial for scripts with a long poll interval (e.g "1 hour" or "7 days")
  • The current script's name is now visible in the window’s title bar to assist with locating the correct monitoring instance in the Windows task bar when multiple instances are running.
  • Restructured internal architecture to use MVC pattern. This provides the groundwork for improving 3rd party extensibility support in the future. It has always been possible to add custom request types and response handlers but other areas of the system are not as easily extended. The plan is to add new extension points in the next release which allow for behavioural extensions, custom tab panels and custom notifications.
  • Fixed bug which affected alliteratively-named operations.
  • Removed the remaining RightCalc branding.

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